Loudness jumps between program items is a well known phenomenon for broadcasters and producers of multi-media or game audio. So far only leveling by ear could fix this, a tedious task especially when content is collected from more than one source. International demand for a loudness measurement standard led to the ITU LKFS loudness descriptor. It forms the core of Grimm Audio's LevelOne software.

LevelOne offers EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 compatible loudness normalization.

With its smart preset based interface and unlimited batch file processing, LevelOne will improve your post production speed dramatically. It performs all your level normalization tasks automatically and accurately. You have the choice of normalizing to ITU/EBU LUFS loudness target levels, Dolby Dialog Intelligence levels, true (over-sampled) peak, sample peak or PPM peak. Automatic compliance to the EBU R128 recommendation or the Calm Act specifications is easily achieved. LevelOne warns you when a file exceeds user defined maximum levels after normalization.

Perhaps the most striking feature of LevelOne is its capability to match narrow and wide loudness range content, allowing them to be sequenced seamlessly. Managing the loudness of items from different sources in your broadcast or multimedia program will feel like a breeze.

Perhaps the most striking feature of LevelOne is its capability to match narrow and wide loudness range content.

Since Grimm Audio contributed significantly to the EBU PLOUD loudness working group, LevelOne was the first file normalizer in the world to offer EBU R128 compliant processing. It therefore is the perfect tool for finalizing and quality approval of content prepared for broadcast. At the same time LevelOne is also ideal to check your music masters for their True Peak levels. This will predict if they risk becoming distorted by lossy codecs or DA converters, a major problem with modern mastering styles. LevelOne certainly is your Swiss army knife of leveling tasks.

LevelOne was developed by BeatRig in cooperation with Grimm Audio. A license for LevelOne can be bought in the BeatRig Web Shop. In trial mode the program has a 14 days evaluation period.

  EBU R128 compliant product.

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