LS1 remote


The LS1 can be remotely controlled via midi. Every set comes with a USB midi interface and a remote control converter box that facilitate connection of a Windows or Mac PC to the loudspeaker. Through that connection, the LS1 remote software controls all LS1 functions. This software also offers interfacing with any device that has access to a virtual midi bus in the PC, like DAW monitor controllers.

The LS1 offers extensive options for remote control, like PC software, DAW controllers and dedicated hardware.

The main page of the remote software provides access to a selection of both common and extraordinary monitor functions. By example, there's two ref levels for calibrated listening levels, 'S'-signal monitoring, and a unique small bass reflex speaker simulation mode. Settings of the main functions can be controlled from the first preference page. On the secondary pages of the preferences one can fine tune various functions like the systems' low cut frequency or power led brightness.

As an option, the beautifully crafted LS1 remote control can be added to the system. It features volume control, source selection and mute/dim, just with one large dial. Two extra digital audio sources can be connected directly to the remote. When placed at a distance, a regular IR remote may be used for wireless control.

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